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white jacket

White clothes are just so impractical… and so fine at the same time. I feel like everything in white looks dope, especially now, when minimalism is at its best and everybody seem to give it a try. I was just thinking… Maybe my ‘beautiful’ city, Lodz, will look dope too when covered in white during…
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in the dark

Sometimes the simplest an outfit gets – the better. I think I appreciate that solution more every year. Like mixing and playing with prints, textures and colors is getting old and I need some kind of settling down in that area. It’s funny how that never applies to jewelry, of course. Because one big statement necklace never…
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stay in your pjs

I’ve got that love-hate kinda relationship with my bed. It’s hard for me to go to bed, but getting up is even harder! Gladly, I can stay in my pjs all day if I want to. By wearing big cat-eye sunglasses and some glamour statement necklace people won’t even think of me as a lazy…
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vintage summer look

(zara skirt, deezee boots, brylove sunglasses, bosewin necklace and shirt from second-hand store) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

back to black

It’s really hard for me to find some time to keep you posted… but I’ll try harder! I promise. I just have to say ‘goodbye’ to Summer before it even started (at least for me) and say ‘hello’ to my morning coffee (or 2) again. In this case wearing black in the middle of the…
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color combo of a race car

The outfit that I’m showing you today is actually the one that my boyfriend chose for me to wear on our 4th anniversary date about a month ago. Well, he wasn’t really styling, he just told me which pieces in my closet he likes and I’ve done some ‘glam it up’ project ;) In the…
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chic mint

3 years ago mint color was so popular that we weren’t even able to go to buy some bread at a shop nearby without bumping into a bunch of teenagers wearing it. Remember that? Yeah… I have to say that I kinda miss it :) There’s no better color for summertime! The ocean, my fav ice…
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nude shoes

In yesterday’s post you could see my new, perfect for this season, nude shoes. I’ve chosen the ones with a white sole. It’s been just a really great compromise for me. Why? Well, I really loved one shoe Spring/Summer 2014 trend, which was the white massive boots… and I’m not prepared (or willing) to let…
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on a rainy day

So today I’ve got an outfit for a rainy day prepared for you… and it would be really great if I actually wear it during those cloudy, wet, rainfall days… but I don’t. Yup. This post is just a big fat lie. The reason for that is – I try my best not to go out when it’s raining….
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