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messy look

Messy should be my second name or something. I mean, it even sounds nice, right? When it comes to fashion, interior design or styling – I don’t really like anything that’s too polished up. It has to have some spirit, if you know what I mean. It just has to feel effortless in some kind…
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this is all i want

There’s no better way to cooperate with my photographer than to promise him a dinner at our favorite creperie in Łódź after a photoshoot. You can see clearly that he was very motivated. I’m a master in getting what I want! Work is done, my boyfriend is the happiest person in the entire World and…
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beloved Mr. Monday

I like when everything is clear. Only black or white. No ‘shades of grey’ kinda thing… and I know, that you guys realize I’m not talking about my outfit. Although today’s griping goes well with photos attached to this post :D Anyway, hope you’ll have an amazing week since you’ve already kicked that sweet ass…
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