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It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve moved to Dublin and I’m still getting excited every time I’m going for a walk. I’m freakin’ overstimulated! This badass is just such a cutie! I always have my phone with me, so make sure to follow me on instagram for more Dublin related photos and insta stories!…
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Last Sunday I’ve spent wandering around the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. There was (and I’m not sure, but I think there still is) a Halloween exhibition which I really wanted to see and it was also a perfect opportunity to finally take some photos for the blog, because there was no time to do…
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dolman sleeve bomber jacket

With the Spring just around the corner, I’m preparing my wardrobe for a little dose of flower prints. Any kind of prints to be exact, actually. I feel like I’ve just woke up from a really long dream. Like I’ve hibernated for the Winter, or something. This shirt that I have on today has kind…
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