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the stone city

Another day, another adventure. This time I visited Czech Republic for some evening stroll in the woods. Couldn’t have been more amazed by the beauty of the stone city in Adrspach.Can’t even look at myself wearing a wool top anymore. It’s so hot now here in Poland – my insides are boiling! Damn, I’ve missed…
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a wanderlust mood board

Do you know that strong desire to travel and explore the World? Wanderlust. Cause that’s what I’m talking about. It kinda consumes my soul. I consider myself a globetrotter. Even though I’m basically ‘trapped’ in Poland now… You know what they say ‘ You either have money or time. You cannot have both’. Sadly, transportation,…
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once upon a time: louis vuitton travel bag

Wakacje to dla wielu ‘życie na walizkach’. Jesteście ciekawi skąd wzięły się i dlaczego zyskały na popularności walizki od Louis Vuitton? Jeśli tak – zapraszam do lektury. Dawno, dawno temu żył sobie chłopiec imieniem Louis Vuitton. Miłość do mody ‘przeszła na niego’ chyba w genach po mamusi, która niestety odeszła z tego świata, gdy synek…
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