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that coat

I’m so glad I haven’t packed my winter coat yet! Seems like my forgetfulness is helpful… sometimes. Even though, I hope I won’t need this coat for a while – it is going to hang in my closet for a few more weeks… just in case. I don’t even mind, because I really like it……
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windy afternoon

I’ve got that love-hate relationship with the wind. It makes you sick and it literally just loves to fu** up your hair and stuff… but just take a second and look at those photos. That post wouldn’t be the same without the wind. It gives that magical and kinda soft vibe to it. I just…
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messy b&w outfit

I often look like I’ve just got out of bed, put some random clothes on and went out… and it’s usually because that’s exactly what had happened! Yeah, no biggie. Who has the energy to dress up every single day anyway? So when it’s that kind of day then just choose wisely – blacks and…
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show on the road

Usually ‘more’ is ‘more’ to me and there’s no other way I can see it. I’ve noticed that the catch slogan ‘less is more’ is repeated┬áby lazy people with a lack of creativity… and I guess I’m turning into one… by simply understanding the phrase and getting the show on the road. You live and…
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it keeps me warm

Best vest ever! I swear! It keeps me warm during these long, cold evenings. You don’t even wear it, it feels like it’s hanging and cuddling you :D I know, I probably sound insane, but whatever… (shirt and vest from second-hand shop, denimbox jeans, sequin wellies and aldo sunglasses) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

let them cheer you up

I’m trying to add some color to my life. Metaphorically speaking of course. But I guess it shows even in my closet. I just can help it! …not that I complain or something. Just sayin’ ;) Every girl needs a colorful, beautifully printed pair of jeans! Walking around with your head down they are the…
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tropical print meets wellie boots

That tropical print – wellie boots combination is quite unprecedented. I think the main reason of that is because of people getting rid of things so easily these days. Well, not only things,but I hope you get the point of the last sentence. Summer has a special place in my heart and that won’t change…
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