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glam it up

I need to catch up a bit.I’ve been posting on instagram like crazy lately (@stylenightcap) and kept forgetting about the blog and freakin’ facebook! Very bad. I’ll try my best not to mess that up again, but to be sure you’re seeing everything maybe just follow me there #shamelesspromo ;) https://www.instagram.com/stylenightcap/

somewhere there

I always feel like a tourist. Even in my hometown. I cannot wrap my head around it. It’s like I belong to more that one place and to none of them at the same time. And staying longer in the same spot makes me feel kind of anxious. Like I should ‘go back’ somewhere, without…
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Hi, there! Ahh, it feels really good to be back.You might be wondering what the hell happened to me, well… long story short I moved to Ireland and I’ve invested my energy and free time in the things that I probably shouldn’t, but now I came back to Poland and… back to my old habits!…
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favorite thing

I wanna introduce you to my new favorite piece in my closet. Obviously, this beaut with long, contrasting baggy sleeves I bought myself at Zara, because once you put your hand on an Inditex discount card – there’s no turning back! I love it so much that it almost got to the point where a…
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Oblivion by Jhene Aiko just stuck in my head and I cannot think properly anymore. I don’t even know what I was about to say to you, and all I remember is that it was something semi-important -.- That’s the thing with music. It messes with your head. Dose it just like you would do…
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Last Sunday I’ve spent wandering around the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. There was (and I’m not sure, but I think there still is) a Halloween exhibition which I really wanted to see and it was also a perfect opportunity to finally take some photos for the blog, because there was no time to do…
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backgrounds and stuff

Not that long ago the Łódź Fabryczna railway station was built… and I feel like it was some sort of a birthday gift for me because it happened in December and… I’m usually the only one around. No kidding! It’s the perfect place for taking photos for my blog. So many different backgrounds and stuff……
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houndstooth check vintage jacket

My safe place. I think I can call it that… Red brick and a wonderful view. Silence and space. A little bit of fresh air and a coffee scent. When you live in the big busy city you just need to be left alone sometimes. And it ain’t easy when the streets are crowded, hucksters…
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choosing gray

They say that you become an average of people you spend the most time with. I think I agree with that. Even when I thought that my fashion choices were my own, I’ve observed more and more reflections of my friends in my styling as my style has been developing. The truth is that the older…
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