6 things no one tells you about moving abroad

It’s been 6 months since I’ve moved to Ireland and I’m just starting getting used to living in here…but I won’t lie to you – it’s been a little bit of a struggle at the beginning. Especially, that I wasn’t mentally prepared for some of the things that I will cover here in this blog post… and also (of course) planning and doing are just 2 completely different things.

  1. 1.You will have a big trouble with finding an apartment or room to rent.

    And it’s especially hard here in Ireland because of the housing crisis.
    Nobody even asked me about my savings – if I have any or how much. I’m pretty sure they would even ask Beyonce about landlord and employer references, I swear. So if you’re completely new to the country – you’re screwed. Simple as that.
    Eventually we found a place and it took us only 2 weeks, so that’s a huge success, but I think we just got lucky to be honest. There’s a lot people living in tents in Dublin… so happy I’m not one of them…and, damn, it was close!

  2. 2.There is a huge chance you will not spend Christmas with your family.

    And it’s not even because of the crazy flight prices. There’s just not enough seats for your sad emigrant asses! I moved to Ireland in September and when I checked straight away the December timelines – all of the flights were sold out… and I’m not even kidding.
    Maybe it’s because in Ireland there’s a lot of Polish people, so this route is quite popular. I just hope in your case it will be different.

  3. 3. The awkward barrier

    And I’m not even talking about language barrier. Maybe more like mentality kind of barrier? I don’t know how to describe it without pissing everybody off ;o It’s just that at the beginning I thought like I  had to explain myself every single time and it often made me feel like I’m just not myself while talking in english, like I don’t belong. It’s better now, but at first I felt a little bit like an alien or something.

  4. 4.You’ll soon start to think in a foreign language

    And that would be cool, except… it comes with a price (see below)

  5. 5.Now, that you’ve been abroad for a while – you’re not good at any language anymore

    With the constant use of foreign language – you’re getting better at it but… You keep forgetting words in your mother tongue. And it’s freaking scary. And I’ve been abroad only for 6 months now! Also – with all the ‘yeah?’ and ‘what?’ I’m using on a daily basis it messed up m brain so bad I even use these words when speaking in polish with my boyfriend. And with that comes another thing:

  6. 6.Language confusion

    Sometimes I don’t even know which language I’m speaking in and I end up talking in polish to my Spanish friends and english to my mother… especially when I’m drunk. (not that I recommend the second option FYI -.- because talking to your mother while being drunk never ends well).

    As you can see – half of the points apply to moving to the country where you would have to use a different language than your mother tongue. So basically when you’re moving from UK to Australia – you’re all goo and I’m freakin’ jealous!

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