top 10 instagram accounts that a street art lover should follow

You don’t have to be passionate about art at all to appreciate a good piece of street art, right? It makes you smile/cry/think and it is proven that looking at beautiful things makes people much more happy. And happy people are good people, right? And I’m sure as hell, that we need more of that! So since you’re already addicted to instagram – you just need to follow those amazing street artists’ accounts:

1) r_o_n_erone

2) dabsmyladabs

3) daleastdaleast

4) finokfinok

5) hanksynychanksy

6) official_morleymorley

7) houseofmeggshouseofmeggs

8) cleonpetersoncleonpeterson

9) nosegonosego

10) thelondonpolicethelondonpolice

Click on the photos to check out those amazing instagram accounts!

More to come soon :)

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